Friday, August 24, 2012

Lost and Found

On our recent trip around the lake we seemed to be the lost and found society.  Seems we were losing things left and right.  Here's a list!  Next post will be a little story about the red jug to go along with the theme.

William's glasses
Byron's work hat
Michele's cell phone charger
one red water jug
one expensive walkie-talkie
one expensive digital camera battery
one white sock
lots of sanity

Byron's work hat - was in his suitcase
Michele's cell phone charger - in a little side pocket of my backpack
one red water jug - found on a sandbar
one expensive walkie-talkie - Mr. Lauri found it with much backtracking
one expensive digital camera battery - Papa found it
lots of sanity - still looking for this, let you know when I find it


  1. You are an impressive Lost and Found Society! I hope you find more than you loose - always!

  2. Noticed Willima's glasses wasn't on the found list. Hope he finds them soon...if he hasn't already!


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