Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Thoughts

A Christmas past in Virginia sometime around 1988

This morning I posted a little story for my stateside nephews on the blog I do for them.  I shared a few memories of my own and my husband from our childhoods.  Christmas here is not quite the same with tropical breezes, but this morning I was pleased to hear some Brazilian Christmas songs on my local radio station - first time ever!  Tuesday the mall in the big city was packed full of holiday shoppers and vacationers with lots of traditional red and green holiday decorations and a live Santa Claus attending children with an elf girl helper.

Christmas will be much different for us their year with two less boys at home.  I've already felt some of the absence weighing on my heart over the past few weeks.  But I can be happy with the blessing of knowing where my MK boys are and that they will be with loving friends and family over the weekend.  Christmas is indeed rough on missionaries who find themselves alone and away from loved ones, but this year I am thankful for all God has done in 2015 for my family.

May your Christmas be one of joy and happiness.

Go by my other blog if you'd like to read about some recollections of holidays gone by...

Stories by Aunt Michele: Christmas Memories

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