Welcome!  I'm Michele Beckner Atha and I'm a full-time missionary in the country of Brazil.  I am mother to three great boys and wife of one great husband.  Two of my boys are out and about on their own and one will be soon enough.  My husband and I love Brazil and enjoy living and working in this unique country.  My home is where my family is.  But these days my home is here and there with some of my family far away.  My heart often longs for the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the rolling hills of the Piedmont of North Carolina.  Thanks for stopping by.  Sit a bit and read some of my entries.  It's sort of a scrapbook or patchwork quilt of words and photos.  Enjoy!

 Joao Pessoa, 2007

Salvador, 2007

Petrolina, 2011


Georgia, 2015

Georgia, 2015

 Salvador 2016

Ilha do Tesouro, Bahia 2017
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