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Camping Trip

My family has about two more weeks all together before our oldest heads back to Brazil and the rest of us remain in the States for a bit longer. In just a few days things will never be quite the same again. My dh really wanted to take the boys for a short vacation to do some things that they had been wanting to do while here in America.

We kept trying to make it work, but with teens there is always something on the schedule to "mess" things up. Finally this past Saturday we just made it happen and got ready to go.

We went to Greenbrier County, West Virginia and jumped right in kayaks for a 2 hour ride down the Greenbrier River. I wasn't sure I could keep up and I was scared stiff when I heard the first set of roaring rapids. But I made up my mind to keep going now matter what, and I made it.

We camped right along the river inspite of bad storm forecasts. All was well with campsites with special awnings like carport coverings.

The next morning we went in se…