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People Along my Path

Madeline - a teen-aged girl I met at a waterfall in Minas Gerais who told me about all the places she'd ever lived including several I had visited on our big Brazil trip.

Maria Alice - a lady her 30's - 40's who was a rather out of place student at a Bible college who told me how she had heard the call of God as a teen and not answered but now she was.

The lady from Rattlesnake - yes, that was the name of her city, Cascavel.  We met in the waiting line for the bus at the Iguassu Falls.  She told me how she had come there on her honeymoon and had always wanted to return.  Her husband had passed away but she was there with her daughter.

Carmen - the owner of a bed and breakfast where we stayed in Brasilia who told us all about how she came to be the host of an inn and all about her daughters' lives.

Ed - an old German immigrant we met at a Lutheran church we attended on our trip who told us about his life and farming in the state of Paraná.

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All Around Brazil in 4 Minutes

We arrived home from our big trip this past Thursday, April 13 around 8 o'clock in the evening.  We left happy and arrived the same.  All in all it was an incredible experience and I'm so glad that we did it....

You can read all about each place we visited at our travel log @

Trip Stats:
slept in the back of Pajero 4 times at truck stopsstayed with friends 4 timesslept at a bed and breakfast oncestayed at one cheap hotelspent one night at a hostel stayed two nights at a campgroundstayed in guest accomodations at two Bible collegesvisited three museums visited three national parks, three state parks, and one city park took around 4500 photos between the three of usvisited three Bible collegessaw 5 different waterfalls including the largest of Brazilvisited one cavetook paid tours of three citiesate at three different Burger King restaurants one Subwayone McDonaldsone self-service grilled meat restaurantstopped at one mechanic ate about 20 tuna fish s…