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Interior Evangelim and Dirt Roads

Brazil Road Trip: Interior Evangelism: Imagine you want to take a survey of the counties nearest to where you live.  You're looking to see what churches have works in which city...

Click on the blue link to read more about our most recent trip interior.

Import-Export Business

I had a silly thought while talking to my dog the other day to import all my story posts from my Missionary Mama Stories blog to have everything in one spot.  Then my plan was to delete the other blog.  I had a whole list of good reasons...  I don't post there every week as I had been. Chase and Mariyah are too little to read.  My three nephews are big and most likely past the read a story from auntie missionary stage.

Alas, I followed all the steps and bingo!  All my posts from one blog went to the other.  And apparently the few who follow my blog by email received a hundred email alerts in the process!  Please, forgive me for spamming your inbox!  It with totally unintentional!  I only realized that's what was happening when my mother starting commenting on old posts and then...

Poof!  All those imported/exported story posts were gone!  I'm imagining Blogger decided it was a spam game on the part of some Brazilian mafia unit.  Needless to say I was not a happy camper, but …