Wednesday, April 26, 2017

People Along my Path

Madeline - a teen-aged girl I met at a waterfall in Minas Gerais who told me about all the places she'd ever lived including several I had visited on our big Brazil trip.

Maria Alice - a lady her 30's - 40's who was a rather out of place student at a Bible college who told me how she had heard the call of God as a teen and not answered but now she was.

The lady from Rattlesnake - yes, that was the name of her city, Cascavel.  We met in the waiting line for the bus at the Iguassu Falls.  She told me how she had come there on her honeymoon and had always wanted to return.  Her husband had passed away but she was there with her daughter.

Carmen - the owner of a bed and breakfast where we stayed in Brasilia who told us all about how she came to be the host of an inn and all about her daughters' lives.

Ed - an old German immigrant we met at a Lutheran church we attended on our trip who told us about his life and farming in the state of ParanĂ¡.

Little campground cleaning lady - I'm not sure if I learned this lady's name but I did enjoy watching her work around the campground while the rest of her family seemed to do little to nothing.

Singing cleaning lady - I came upon this lady singing while she cleaned the public bathrooms in a little place called Igatu.

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