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All Around Brazil in 4 Minutes

We arrived home from our big trip this past Thursday, April 13 around 8 o'clock in the evening.  We left happy and arrived the same.  All in all it was an incredible experience and I'm so glad that we did it....

You can read all about each place we visited at our travel log @ 

Trip Stats:

  • slept in the back of Pajero 4 times at truck stops
  • stayed with friends 4 times
  • slept at a bed and breakfast once
  • stayed at one cheap hotel
  • spent one night at a hostel
  • stayed two nights at a campground
  • stayed in guest accomodations at two Bible colleges
  • visited three museums 
  • visited three national parks, three state parks, and one city park
  • took around 4500 photos between the three of us
  • visited three Bible colleges
  • saw 5 different waterfalls including the largest of Brazil
  • visited one cave
  • took paid tours of three cities
  • ate at three different Burger King restaurants 
  • one Subway
  • one McDonalds
  • one self-service grilled meat restaurant
  • stopped at one mechanic
  • ate about 20 tuna fish sandwiches, 20 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and around 20 cheese and salami
  • saw quatis, lots of tropical birds, a dead iguana, lots of cats and dogs, a lizard or two and one snake, a couple of ox and a few horses and cows, ah, a goat or two and a few sheep
  • paid some BR$200 in road tolls
  • saw all kinds of churches but mostly Christian Congregational and Roman Catholic and quite a few Evangelical Foursquare
  • saw one Islamic Worship Center
  • traveled around 6000 kilometers or the equivilant of 3728 miles
  • were gone for 17 nights and 18 days


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