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Unsent Letter from Long Ago

  Sometime last week Byron found this printed letter in a stash of old papers.  I can't help but wonder if I ever mailed it?  It's hard to say, but I'm almost certain my mother will remember!  It must have been meant to send to several friends as it has no Dear so-and-so listed.  It has some interesting insights into my early days on the mission field. I found a few photos of the time frame and added them to the bottom of this post. Sometime around 1997 in Fortaleza, Brazil... You'll just have to forgive me.  I haven't written anyone for months and months.  First one thing and then another kept me from having the time.  And then I simply felt that I had little to nothing that was good to write.  All my potential letters were full of all the sad, bad, and ugly things in life or were complete and utter lies.  So I would write a few and never send them and then I just stopped trying.  I think my state was certainly one of real depression based in many things.  But I t

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