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A New Number

  Today begins the use of a new number - 58!  Hope I can remember it!  I had a hard time piping up with 57 all during the past year.  Just couldn't seem to remember.  But here we are. My mother was out shopping when she felt it was time to go to the hospital, and I like to shop!  She ate a tuna fish sandwich if I'm not mistaken before she went to the hospital, I like tuna fish!  That story may have been before my brother was born. My mother loves the Lord and enjoyed many years of telling children about Jesus.  I like that, too! I'm glad my birthday fell on a Monday.  It's my day "off" from our missionary-ing.  Today I plan on a simple lunch and tackling some much needed laundry.  But I woke up early with a desire to write just a little.   As a girl I knew that being a missionary was my life's call.  I've done so many different types of work since coming to Brazil.  What I'm doing now is what I had always envisioned when young.   I tell Bible stori

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