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Splashpads and VBS

It's summer-time in North Carolina and that means family vacations, splashpads and lots of Vacation Bible Schools.  Byron and I have already found out what a splashpad is.  We will go on a family vacation soon and tomorrow we will go to a VBS.   So far our time in the USA has been relatively calm and easy.  We visited one of our supporting churches on Father's Day and slowly we are setting up times to report in all our churches.  We even got to spend some time with one of our individual supporters this past Saturday! Our days just prior to hopping on the airplane for furlough were intense and full, so this week we are enjoying a little quiet and slow time.  Byron is feeling a little under the weather, but I hope he'll be up and at it quickly.  I'm sure the call of motorcycle weather will perk him up fast. Today I spent a little bit of time with all three of our grandkids and I'm happy that everyone knows my name even the little one!  Seriously, I work hard to that e

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