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Rio Campestre is about 10 km from a small community named Gamaleira do Dida which is not far from Lage dos Negros.  We visited on a Saturday afternoon with a local guide/friend.  We we not well prepared.  Actually it was a totally unplanned event.  Our vehicle was our little white Fiat Uno Way.  Add it to our list of adventure automobiles!  Don't let its looks deceive you!  It's robust and can handle just able any dirt road in rain or shine.

The path from Gamaleira to Campestre is not the best.  Twice we had to ford small creeks with large rocks in the bottom.  The path is dirt with lots of good ruts, rocks, washed out places and roots.  But the trip was worth it.

There are some rupestre wall paintings nearby the large, wide area of large square rocks.  Water only runs after rains in the mountains.  There are times when there are only puddles.  During December and January the area is full of locals looking to take a swim and have a picnic.  Cars park right up to the edge of the running water.

The water is naturally dark in color.  It's not dirty!  The color is caused by sediments and leaves found higher up stream.


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