About Me

Greetings!  I'm Michele.  I live and work in Northeast Brazil in non-profit missions.  My husband and I have been on the field since 1994.  We arrived with six action packer trunks and a whole lot of hopes and dreams.  Ah, and no kids!

Fortaleza, 1994

Over the years we had three sons, all born in Brazil.  And they were all boy!  Homeschooled, smart, good-looking, and strong, each one.  Bless their hearts!

Twenty-some years later, my husband and I are in Brazil with no kids once again.  It was hard at first to get used to an "empty nest."  But each of our guys is in the right place.  We could not thank God enough for their lives!

Byron and I are currently working in interior evangelism in the state of Bahia.  We are supported by Baptist churches in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.  

I like to write about what we do and where we go.  Sometimes I share devotional thoughts and short poems.  Other times I just post a photo or two.  Stop by often!

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