Friday, May 21, 2010

The Big Orange Cat - A story for my nephews

This is a very special story written for my three little nephews who live in Southern Brazil very far from where I live up in the Northeast of Bahia.  I hope you all remember this special day.

Once upon a time there were three little brothers who lived in a far away place called Mountain Valley.  The three little brothers were the only sons of a man and woman who were getting ready to travel to a far off country.  They were going to be missionaries in a place were many people needed to hear about God and the Bible. 

The three little boys had a crazy old aunt who was home from that same far away country.  She and her husband happened to have three sons just like the man and woman.  She and her husband were missionaries just like the man and woman, too.  They had been living in the far away country for many years and had never gotten to meet the three little boys before.
One day while in the place near Mountain Valley where the missionary aunt was staying, the dad of the three little boys called on the phone to see if they could come and bring the boys to stay for a few days.  The aunt said, Yes!  Please bring them.  And so the dad did just that.

The mom and dad left the three little boys at the missionary house where the aunt was staying while on furlough.  They were a little sad to stay but a little glad, too.  There was lots to see and do and lots of fun to be had with their three cousins and uncle. 

The big boys had to go to school each day and left in the mornings.  The uncle had to visit with pastors and go to meetings each day and so he had to leave in the mornings, too.  That left the three little boys and the missionary aunt.

They played games and watched a little bit of television.  They played school and went outside and walked around and chased each other.  They played in dirt and shoveled gravel with play shovels and plastic buckets.

On one of the days when it was time for lunch the aunt told helped them all washed their hands and said, Now we are going outside to eat our lunch.  There was a picnic table in the back of the house and that is where they went.  When they all sat down, the biggest of the three said - We better pray!  And so they did.  Then the middle boy said - We better put our bibs on!  And the crazy aunt said, What?  Bibs?  People who eat at picnic tables don't wear bibs.  The little one made a mean face. 

Then the biggest one said - But we will get our clothes all dirty and Mommy will be mad.  Oh dear!  said the aunt.  Then she had an idea.  She said, Every body take your shirt off.  In the far away country no one has any bibs they just take their shirts off.  Bellies are easy to wipe off, so when we are all done we'll wipe off your hands and your mouths and your bellies.  The middle one said, What?  We can't do that.  And the aunt said,  Oh!  Well, I'll help you!  And so she did!  The boys all took their shirts off and started eating their picnic lunch.  The little one made a funny face.

As they were eating their lunch one of the boys said, Aunt M, Aunt M, What are we going to drink?  Ah, said the aunt, Here let me give you a drink.  She got cups off her tray and poured the boys all some juice.  Oh no, said the big one, We can't drink this!  Why not, said the aunt.  The middle one said, We need our sippy cups!  And the little one shook his head to say yes.  The aunt said, Well in that far away country where I live and you are soon going, the little boys and girls don't have sippy cups, so today we wont' use any.  And she gave them each a real cup with some juice.  Not too much, just a little.  The little one made another interesting face.
As they were eating a big orange cat came walking up and jumped up on a little wall near the picnic table.  The three little boys ran to go back in the house.  The crazy aunt called them all to sit back down.  They came, but with sort of mean faces.  They didn't like the looks of that old cat.  The cat didn't like the looks of the three boys and almost ran away. 

The boys came back to the table and sat down.  The crazy aunt said, Throw a potato chip to the cat and we'll see if he's hungry.  The big boy throw a chip at the cat who jumped off the wall.  All three boys jumped up to see where it went.  It had the chip in its mouth!  The big orange cat ate the chip!  Now the boys all started throwing food to the cat.  The cat jumped back up on the wall.  The boys sat down and watched the cat while they ate some more of their own food.  Low and behold that big orange cat jumped right on the table and started eating the little one's food right off his plate.  The boys all jumped up and stepped back a little laughing and hollaring.  The little one made a smiling face!

After shooing off the cat, after cleaning up the wild picnic and washing off the bellies of the boys and putting their shirts back on, the boys looked around for the cat.  He had run off into some trees behind the old house.  The boys decided to track down the cat and find it.  The crazy aunt made lots of Meow calls and the cat came back.  The boys talked to the cat, but it wouldn't come too close.

After a bit the missionary man came home with the three big cousins and they all went in the house.  And the little one smiled thinking about that big orange cat that ate part of his lunch.
Hope you little boys down there in January River enjoy my Big Orange Cat story.  Later I'll send you another story about a Little Lost Black Dog.

Love you,
Aunt M


  1. Mommy just read the story to us. Thank you for the good story Aunt Michele. We remember some of the day that you talked about in the story, and the pictures helped us to remember a little bit more. We had a good time with you, Uncle Byron, William, Dalton and Greyson.

    We hope we can see all you again soon. We will get Mommy to look for another story soon.

    We love you Aunt Michele!

    Your three little nephews,
    Aaron, Joshua and Isaiah

  2. Thanks Aunt Michele for helping them to remember that special time.I remember they told me about an Orange Cat at Aunt Micheles' house and "it jumped".


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