Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Growing in Christ

Tossed about on the sea of life.
Tossed like a leaf in the wind.
Tossed by people, circumstances and strife.
Tossed with no meaning or hope to find.
Someone spoke the truth in love.
Someone reached down from heights above.
Someone gave His life for me.
Someone came and set me free.

Free from deceit and the plotting of men.
Free from the futile winds of life.
Free from the hurts and pain, and then...
Free to grow and live in Him.  

To grow in Christ and find true peace.
To grow in Christ and know sweet release.
To grow in fullness, renewing the mind.
To grow up in all things, finally
His peace is mine.

Based on Ephesians 4:9-24

This original poem was written in September of 2007 in Sobradinho, Brazil.  The flower above is the first to blossom of some zinnias I recently planted in my little garden just outside my back door.  I am so thankful for growth.  To learn from past mistakes and to reach out to new things is a blessing.  It is a joy that God gives to those who put their trust in Him and allow Him to work in their innermost parts to change them to His image.


  1. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder.We all have room to grow towards Christ as your flowers grow to face the sun. Love Mom.

  2. This could be a song! Beautiful!

  3. Lovely! You are such a blessing to me!


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