Friday, June 11, 2010

Far Away but Close at Heart

In my Bible I carry a photograph.  
It's a moment frozen in time,
A super happy instant divine.

My little nephew who barely knew me well
accepted my offer of help up the stairs.
And up we ran without a care!

When I read sometimes my mind tends to wander.
I search out the page that holds my small joy.
A smile comes every time I look at that boy.

My prayers span the distance,
As right now we live so many miles apart,
Far away, so far away, but always, always close at heart!

Today is the little fellow's third birthday.  Happy Birthday, Little Isaiah!  

Take care and try to be good.  Be nice to your brothers and eat the food on your plate.  Careful, don't let any bites fall to the floor!  I hear that happens a little too often these days.  Three years old is a very good age.  Not too many worries, at least not until you are four!  Then it will be almost time to start that school work and stop all that tumbling on the floor!  Ha!

Love you!

Aunt Michele


Isaiah and his family live in Southern Brazil a three day trip by car from where we work in the Northeast of the country.  We saw each other in person last summer while we were on furlough just before my brother left the States to begin his first term of missionary service.  May we all meet again in short time!


  1. Perfect Michele! Happy Birthday to Isaiah!

  2. The lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes almost keep me from writing.

    This picture, that day and the smile on your face are so fresh in mind like it was yesterday.

    That was the last time we would visit two Stateside churches for such a long time. No more visits with family, no more running to and fro trying to be in a new place by a certain time. No more coolers to pack, packing lists to check off as something went into a suitcase for another trip, no more....too many things to mention.

    Our time together seemed so short, but the time spent was cherished as we made lasting memories together.

    Far away, but close in heart. That's the way I feel too. They say that "abscence makes the heart grow fonder" and we will be VERY happy to see you again!

    Thank you Michele for doing a post on Isaiah's birthday. I am speechless as I think about him bringing you such joy.

    P.S. Isaiah saw his b-day card online. He even got a front row seat to view it!

  3. Grandaddy stopped by to take a look and went slowly out. Sometimes we can't talk about how much we miss all of you.Later today we will laugh at Isaiah saying he is six and a half now and telling us about his special dessert in clear Portuguese. Thank you for serving our Lord in the far away land of Brazil.Getting ready for that trip in the Spring.

  4. Yes, that 6 and a half comment had me a-laughing! I don't talk about these things too often. Hurts a little you know. Missing Daddy and all the little boys!

    Thanks for stopping by you two!



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