Friday, July 30, 2010

What a Blessing!

Tuesday morning was harried which many things to do and yet to get ready for the Big Retreat.  I found myself wondering if perhaps our retreat was going to be a very big flop as my phone was ringing every few minutes with people who were calling to say that kids as well as some adults were not coming!  Winds were strong.  It was drizzling some.  The skies were dark.

I had to run out to the paper store which had been closed on Monday to make copies for our programs.  It was my intention to hurry on my bike leaving the truck for my husband and his last minute errands.  All I had to do was drop off my masters and then I could send someone else out later to pick them up.  Half way there I realized my back tire was getting flatter and flatter!  So much for speed and efficiency!

I called home for a boy to come and rescue me with the tire pump.  One of the boys came alright - without the pump.  No worries!  I left the boy with my bike to push home and I took off like lightening on his good bike.  I even took a few minutes to pause while waiting to turn into our street to breathe deeply, look up at the big white fluffy rain clouds and ask God for strength, safety and sanity for the day and for the retreat.

And I was richly blessed!  In spite of only having 27 out of an anticipated 40 campers, in spite of rainy, windy, chilly weather, and in spite of not having all the adult helpers I had anticipated - I believe the retreat was a wonderful success.  All things were not as perfect as could be, but all things went smoothly and children got to hear that, "Yes, there is someone who loves you, and wants you, and wants to see you succeed now and for eternity!" 

10 - 12 boys and girls made decisions to accept the Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of their lives during the events at Treasure Island Camp.  What an incredible joy to see counselors helping children through the verses of the plan of salvation on Wednesday night after our Bible lesson teacher carefully told about the Red page of the Wordless Book.  The red page that represents the Blood of Jesus that washes away the sins of the world.  Wow!

Thursday morning I was awakened early as my boys were taking a small group on an early morning hike to the far side of the island.  I could not get back to sleep for thanking God for allowing me to be a small part of this event.  I began to thank the Lord for each person that had helped to make this possible.  Tears streamed down my face as I considered how many more lives God can now touch as we continue to reach out to these children in the days to come.

Thank you to so many who prayed this past week for our retreat.  This next week our family will travel with the Aventura Brasil group who helped with the children to host another retreat for children in the state of Ceara.  Please continue to pray for us and the Aventura Brasil 2010 group all during the remainder of their time in Brazil.  Pray specifically for the salvation of lost boys and girls and the call of God for missionary service for the young ladies on this year's AV team.

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