Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snippets of Memories Long Ago

Christmas, 2003, Reidsville

Little pieces of memories that pop into my head at the oddest times:

Choosing a real tree for a furlough Christmas.  I remember the scene above so clearly.  William was telling us the best way to go about this big decision.  Dalton was carefully inspecting all the trees.  Oh, what a sweet memory!

Riding horses with old Mr. Spradlin and learning how to rack. Looking for fresh wild mint switch to swish off the big horse flies.

 Going shopping for church clothes for my cousin Diane who went home with us from a camping trip on the Skyline Drive with nothing but shorts and jeans. We both got a pair of the latest thing in fashion that summer - slides.

Crying all the way home after 4H Camp down on the lake. It was so good, so much fun, my friend, Wanda, and I cried all the way home. I think we were exhausted, too!

Drawing smiley faces and writing "Smile, God Loves You" on everything from notes, letters, envelopes, notebooks, everything.

Painting a picture of a yellow flower on an easel at kindergarten registration one year.  Ended up going to another school I think, but remember the easel and painting.

Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's on our first furlough with just little William and Dalton.  I remember wearing jeans and a black turtleneck!

All the cousins, Furlough 2009
Thinking of my little fellows in southern Brazil this week of Thanksgiving.  Thinking of Mom and Dad up in Virginia.  Thinking of friends who are gathering in Madeira Cortada this weekend for a wedding. 

I'm so thankful for great family memories that keep me going through the holidays when we are all so very far apart!

Over the River and Through the Wood

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  1. Oh I do the same thing, Michele. Thx for sharing all these touching experiences. I think I will be doing this remembering all the way through the holidays. Can´t wait to make a few memories of our own tomorrow!


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