Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas Tree

Each year when we get out our Christmas tree and all the ornaments we enjoy looking back a little.  Looking back on all the ornaments that each boy has received over the years from the ladies of Community Baptist Church of Reidsville, North Carolina.  Every year the ladies' missionary circle make ornaments to send out to all the sons and daughters of the missionaries the church supports.  They hang them on a tree way before Christmas (in July I believe) with the name of each boy or girl.  Church members are then asked to choose an ornament, write a note to that missionary boy or girl, and give a gift of US$25.

Every year since each of my boys have been born they have been receiving these gifts.  When William was just a little baby that $25 dollars bought his Christmas gifts that year.  When the other boys were small, that was the money I had to buy each one some much needed new clothes.  Now that the boys are older, we have been giving them the money to do with as they see fit.  While in the States we opened a savings account for each boy and gave each one the equivalent of several years of "back-pay" from these gifts to deposit.

One year a few of the ornaments were eaten by Blackie, our dog, who was a puppy at the time.  Nevertheless each boy has almost all of his sent ornaments from over the years.  Almost all of them have the little card attached with the message from the special church member who chose that child in that year.  Having spent two furloughs now at the missionary house on Wentworth Street and attending school at Community Baptist Christian School, the boys can remember and "see the faces" of their givers well for the first time.  It was joyful to see William reading last years' note from Mr. McKinney.  I enjoyed seeing how many times the Stanfields have chosen one of my boys in particular.  So many precious names and so many precious memories of our time in Reidsville.  A few of the senders have gone on to glory, but are still remembered each year as we decorate our tree.

Each year when the package comes in the mail with the year's ornament and notes, I know that there is a church in Rockingham County of North Carolina that is sending love, care, and support to my family in Brazil.  Thank you, ladies and all members of Community Baptist Church.   Thank you for a fine place to stay while on furlough.  Thank you, staff of Community Baptist Christian School.  Thank you for all the years of your financial support.  Thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for your love and care for ALL your missionaries all around the world.  Thank you for your HEART for missions!

Serving As Senders 
Check out this book about how to take care of your missionaries!


  1. What a great blog, Michaele!! What a special collection of ornaments!!! Priceless!!!

  2. You almost made me cry! Hah!!! Sentimental Christmases of basketsfull of memories that we carry across the years. Love it!

  3. Pretty tree.Ours is a bit sparse this year but the lights are bright and pretty. I also have one tiny tree with a few antique ornaments. It looks like Christmas.

  4. I always enjoy your blogs but this one was special.It's so wonderful that they have such a loving concern for the missionary children.I'm waiting and counting the days,until I see this year's ornaments.

  5. What a nice way to thank the ladies at Community for all their care.They are an example of true missions.


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