Saturday, January 8, 2011

For a Friend

I can't really remember when I first met this unique lady.  I'm sure it was probably at the old campus of Fortaleza Academy campus near Channel 5's studios in Aldeota.  I do recall one of the first real encounters we had.  Her husband had been called to come and look over the construction going on at our church work in Joao XXIII.  My dear husband invited them to come to Sunday School and stay for lunch.  I can still remember what I served that day - a crazy chicken casserole.  Knowing this friend's husband better after all these years, I can just imagine what he thought that day.  He's a steak kind of guy and just forget the potato, and give him another steak to go with the first!  But, I remember them both being very gracious and kind during the visit in spite of what may or may not have been a great meal and in spite of my two then toddlers getting under foot.

My next clear memory is on the new school campus.  This lady didn't know me real well at this point, but already sensed so much about me.  She worked hard to include me and called me to come - kids and all - to help work in her very large "garden" - the green areas at the new FA campus.

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