Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Fortaleza, 2002
Sobradinho, 2007

Missionary Mom
Can't wait 'till they get called!
Can't stand to let them go!
Can't stop talking about them!
Can't stop worrying about them!
Can't wait 'till they get home!


Happy Birthday, Mom!  Happy Birthday from far, far away!  Thank you for sending me off to the mission field.  Thank you for encouraging me to do God's Will.  Thank you for supporting my decisions inspite of the separation and the grief.  Thank you for coming and knowing where I am and what I am doing each and every day.  Thank you for all the prayers and time spent on bended knee for our family and our ministry.   I love you!

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. Happy Birthday to one great Mom! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on that, Michele.

  2. Can't wait to board the plane again that will bring me to the land that you love.To friends that I can share feelings with and they understand. Just rec'd messages about phone calls and some little boys also want to see me! but they really wan tto see the CAT! I'm blessed to have a family that want to share all the special times. We are only far in miles never in our hearts.


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