Sunday, February 6, 2011


"Smaosh-ded,"  that's what happened long, long ago to some lizard eggs at the hand of one of my boys.  Last night Byron recounted the story for some visiting guests.  Here's how it was told...

Once while remodeling the parsonage for the church in Joao XXIII in Fortaleza, Byron took toddler Dalton and little William along for the morning.  As the men were clearing out rubbage from the back yard and working on the house, some strange eggs were discovered.  Byron set one aside on the sidewalk or front steps of the house and said they would take it home and see if it would hatch to find out what sort of egg it was.  He left do other things.

William and Dalton,1998
When it was time to go home, Byron called the two boys and stopped to get the egg.  It had been cracked open and a small baby lizard was still inside.  When Byron picked it up, the little thing jump out and ran off.  He asked the boys if either one knew how it had been broken.  They both responded that they did not know.  And Dalton said, it just got smaosh-ded.

Next day, Byron takes the boys again and some more eggs are found.  This time he said to the boys that he wanted to make sure they got to take one of these eggs home.  Byron asked one of the boys if he thought that the eggs would get smaoash-ded today.  The little fellow replied, No, I don't have a hammer today.

So which boy do you think it was?  Remember Greyson was a baby and at home, so you can only choose between William or Dalton.


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