Thursday, February 3, 2011

What was THAT?

This morning I got up early to take care of some net things while the house was still and quiet.  What to my surprise to find the top on my side bar with a photo that I did not put there!  My first reaction was "Someone has hacked into my blogger account!"  Then I saw that the little yellow advertisement was from a newly opened local DVD store.  Local!  Located right here in my little town.  I was totally mad.  Either it was an attack on my blogger account or someone more feign and horrid like the local net provider knowing all my frequently used passwords!

First thing I did was go to my major web places and change my passwords.  Then I thought, big deal!  If they are seeing everything I do, they know I just changed them and they know the new one I just put in!  Ohhh!  Now I was mad for sure!  I made sure I was definitely logged out of all my favorite websites and the next thing I did was to figure out if there was a way to report the known? culprit.  I knew the he had a blogger account because the "doido"  (if you don't know what that means just google translate it) had the address for his own blog spot right on the stupid little yellow ad!  UGH!

I still don't know exactly how the whoever did this, but it has apparently been resolved after Byron made a few phone calls to our local Internet provider.  Seems this person did some work for them in their offices and must have thought this was a nice way to get some free propaganda for his new business - sell, copying, and rental of PIRATED DVD's.

So, a few lessons learned and the start to a kooky crazy day in Sobradinho!

Thanks to a comment here early this morning that led me to realize it was not universal but just a local occurrence!  This helped to figure out who in the world was up to what!

Backwards "desserts" for my Thursday -

ran out of gas on the stove in the middle of baking a dish for lunch and didn't realize it until a good bit later
woke up way too early
Papa needed boys to go to help with bees
William discovered he had not finished several school related things

Think I need a chocolate cake!

Ephesians 5:20
Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;


  1. It's not showing up here on my end, Michele. So maybe it's some sort of fluke, I hope so.

  2. A few weeks ago I ran out of gas too while my cornbread was in the oven! The call to the "be there in 30 minutes" gas man turned into more like "sorry it took me 1.5 hours!"

    I was told that I could finish cooking the cornbread anyway, but it sure was thick!

    P.S. I like the blog's new look.


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