Friday, February 25, 2011

Wind Storm - Prayer Request

Lots of rain in our area, which is unusual for our semi-arid area.  Last night a big storm with lots of rain and wind hit the island and tore the roofs off several cabins, knocked down trees and electric posts, and did quite a bit of damage to the kitchen.  

Byron went out on the island today to do some pre-retreat preparation work, only to confront all the mess.  Looks like our week before a very full Carnaval Retreat that begins on Saturday, March 5th, just got fuller!

Classes at the English extension school start on Monday at the church.  Purchases for the retreat will have to be made this next week, not to mention packing, homeschool, and eating!  Pray for us this week as we do our best to get the job done and do it will a smile!

p.s.  I went today with little Deb's mother to the hospital in the big city.  She is very sick with some sort of infection. Those of you who know Francisca from our congregation, please remember to pray for her daughter this week.  

Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? 

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