Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Kitchen

Look at those smiling faces!  These happy people worked from sun-up to sun-down for four days in a row to feed over 160 people this weekend on Treasure Island Camp.  Look at them!  This was taken on the last day as we all waited to board the boat.  They have to be dead tired, but they are all so happy!  They were hugging and laughing and HAPPY!

One of the ladies commented that the kitchen staff this weekend was one big HAPPY FAMILY.  Yeah, we had some problems.  Yeah, we had to fuss at each other a little.  Yeah, one lady kept calling us all "burros" from time to time, in fun.  But we were all happy and got along wonderfully.  It was hard, hot work, but I can thank the Lord for a great crew for this retreat.

Not too long ago I had to make some tough decisions about the kitchen out on the island.  I chose to make wise decisions based on spiritual principles in dealing with the negative and forebearing people in my life.  This weekend was wonderful proof that God blessed the choices I made earlier this year.  
I worked hard all weekend to SMILE and HUG and LOVE them people pictured above all up!  Thank you, Lord, for the sweet dividends of contented workers.

Please pray for some of the ladies pictured above who have not accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior. 

Foolproofing Your Life: How to Deal Effectively with the Impossible People in Your Life 

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  1. I am praising the LORD with you for His help in making those hard decisions and for His provision in these happy helpers!


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