Saturday, March 19, 2011

Preacher Law

from William's baby album

Thinking of Pastor Law and all he did to see missionaries working and reaching the people of Brazil.  Today he is standing in the presence of Christ and yes, he must be kicking up that old leg and shouting, Glory!  Thank you, Pastor Law!  Thank you for a life well lived and the strong and faithful example that you were in my life.  Thank you for all your prayers over the years and all your letters.

Relish in the wonder of your first day in heaven, Pastor!  

Memories of Pastor Law:

Driving me home from my shortened summer at Springs of Life Camp in Stuart, Virginia.  There wasn't enough money to keep me on after the four week assignment he had suggested me for.  He drove me home in his big old station wagon.  I was teary-eyed but trying not to let him see.  He knew!  He talked and talked about God's timing in a person's life and how He always knows what is for our best.

Counseling Byron and I before we got married.  He told us all kinds of things but the one that stands out for both of us is about a wife's "particular" - her pocketbook.  He said men should always stay out of their spouse's purse!

Rehearsing for our wedding, Pastor said he wanted everyone to remember one thing - Everything he does is carefully and well planned, no matter what happens.

Standing in the living room of the parsonage at Chamblissburg Baptist Church as Dad and I waited for the wedding march to start.  It was hot.  Things had been wild and hectic getting ready.  Pastor Law came in to tell us it was almost time.  Smiling he said that this was the first and the last wedding he'd ever do outside in front of his house.

Holding William on his lap in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, and marveling about how good God is.  Laughing and being so happy that William got right up on his knee as if they were long lost friends.

Telling me at the conference that I would make it!

Thank you, George Law.  Thank you for your example in my life!


  1. Indeed, he will be missed! I'm so glad though that his suffering was not prolonged. The Lord was merciful.

  2. Grieving the loss to the world of a great man of God - at the same time, imagining how glorious it will be when we are all together at Christ´s Throne. I am so grateful that THIS earthly life is not all there is to life!

  3. We have been blessed as a family to have known him.


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