Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Retreat

Last year around November I managed to get myself invited to be the main speaker of a retreat for women that was to be held out on Treasure Island. Looking back over the past months since I have wondered several times what in the world I was thinking...
The theme given originally was "Women in Ministry." Later it was modified to something like this - "Women in Mininstry in the Church and Home." I have read and studied enough to write a book on the role of women in the church all through the ages and in the modern world. I looked for resources in English and Portuguese. And of course, I wore out the pages of my favorite study Bible, "The Women's Study Bible."

I feel like I only had time to share about 1/10th of all that I had hoped and desired, but now I have a lot of material for future opportunities! I made a few new friends and even made my second attempt to climb the camp climbing tower.
I'm just helping here.  No photos of me going up!

Seems all had a good time.  Later I plan to rework my notes and studies in English and post some of my work.

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