Monday, August 22, 2011

Looking Back and Forth!

My how time flies by.  My boys just keep getting bigger and bigger.  My bones seems to just keep getting creakier and creakier!  Today I'm looking back and counting my blessings, but I'm also looking forward to new and greater joys in the days to come!

August Blessings:

Every Sunday in August we have had 40+ in main Sunday worship service.  Last night we had about 45.
Dalton turned 14.
Highschool homeschool started and we are doing well.
I'm on Week 3 of a healthy living streak - stopped chomping my cuticles when nervous or sad.
Several salvation decisions at church just last night.
Discovery of an online gradebook for homeschool!
Blackie dog who was quite sick in July is doing alright.
My dear husband fixed up our porch recently and it's looking great!

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