Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo of the Week

December 2003     

Look at what I found this week.  Mercy me!  Squirming boys that wouldn't sit still and smile all at the same time for a simple, fast picture.  This is on the morning of my brother's wedding in South Carolina just days before our return to the States from a furlough.  All dressed up and wanting to go!


  1. Funny thing about weddings, especially when you're the one getting married and everything is a blur!

    I don't think I even saw you other than when you were singing. That's awful, I know, and there were so many others that I wasn't able to speak to either.

    Almost 8 years later and I feel like I hardly know you, but one day we'll talk for hours!

  2. God has blessed me beyond measure to have you and then for him to give our family Angie. I'll see you soon.

  3. Happy to know we will soon see you.Pray for us that we will relax and enjoy our next adventure.Love you..


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