Saturday, November 5, 2011

Worth It

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   "I don't think it's really worth my time."  "Ah, it's going to be so hot."  "I don't have the money."  "Oh, I have so much to do."  "I can't leave my family to fend for themselves all day long."  Oh, oh, oh!  Excuses, excuses... I hear them every time I rally the ladies of our congregation to head off for an area-wide ladies' meeting.  Usually I end up going alone or with just one or two others.  Wednesday four women and two girls went along with me to the 51st Meeting of the Regular Bapitst Women of the Sao Francisco Valley.  We had a blast!  More than 160 ladies were present for the meeting.  It was worth it!     


  1. Bless you for your persistence!

  2. I'm glad you had a great time at the regional women's meeting even though many chose not to accompany you. It is frustrating to hear excuses when you want to encourage people to take advantage of opportunities...Hope you're enjoying your blog vacation during November!

  3. Thanks for everything!


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