Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Counting My Missionary Blessings

  1. Our family eat most every meal together at the kitchen table.
  2. We can eat tropical fruit and drink juice made from fresh fruit every day.
  3. Our boys have never had to spend extended time away from home as MK's.
  4. We enjoy  good the friendship of good missionary colleagues.
  5. My father and mother wholly support what we do and visit often, as well as my husband's mother.
  6. Our boys participate in our ministry in many ways.
  7. We have good general health.
  8. We live in a small town where the boys can safely go most anywhere at anytime.
  9. We have enough financial support to take care of most of our needs with few worries.
  10. We serve a mighty God who loves and cares for us every single day.

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    1. Getting somewhat caught up with my friends' blogs! Enjoyed reading through these recent ones. Trust you had a wonderful Christmas season and that this New Year is filled with continued blessings, big & small, from Him!


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