Saturday, December 17, 2011

His Marvelous Works

Make know His deeds among the peoples

Talk of all His wondrous works

Remember His marvelous works which He has done

  1. Able to sleep last night after a long, somewhat frustrating day.
  2. One of my babes went to sleep after a fitful event.
  3. One of my sweets saw my need in a certain hour and met it with creativity.
  4. My dogs were home when we arrived.
  5. Found a few things on my long list in the big city.
  6. Got to see a friend and chat a little.
  7. Received some inspiration for a small project at church.
  8. This blog works even when nothing else on the net this week has been.
  9. God lead me to Psalm 105 this morning when I needed hope and inspiration for my day.
  10. The chirping birds and my Girl dog's morning greeting.
I love my Creator God.

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