Monday, January 16, 2012

Never Heard

She Never Heard...

She just keeps walking,
I call and call her name.
I run and try to catch up,
But she just keeps walking.

She's just far enough ahead,
She doesn't look back.
I hurry and push on.
She just keeps going.

Hurry, someone catch her,
Grab her, pull her, act!
There's danger ahead,
She never looks back.

She doesn't hear me,
She's deafened by the crowd.
She can't hear anymore
No matter how strong, how loud.

I've waited too late.
She was right here by my side.
I should have told her.
She would have time to decide.

Now she's walking, walking,
Never turning or looking back.
Onward she goes, quickly, sadly,
On to the cold, hard fact.

Christ is coming, Can't you hear!
Hurry He's coming, look back.
I want to tell you, to warn you,
Before it is eternally too late....

Thoughts while trying to catch up to a deaf man on the beach during our recent retreat on the island.  Let us not forget to tell those we love of Christ before it is too late.  By the way, I caught up to the man in time to give a message from a friend.  Will I catch up to the young girl in the photo who lives in somewhere in Sobradinho?  I only met her on the last day of the retreat and had no time to get to know her or even find out her name.

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  1. There's a lot of catching up to be done! It's part of missionary life! Love the thoughts and the poem.


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