Friday, January 27, 2012

Wild Week - Part One

It all started on Saturday and Sunday with a Siamese cat that would not go away. Why did the poor cat not see that my two dogs don’t like cats? All day on Saturday the little kitten ran around in the backyard dodging the dogs, resting, and playing tag again. We tried to catch it to no avail. We tried to run it off, but you know the song – The Cat Came Back! Sometime on Monday I decided I would catch that cat and I would make it mine! I spent a good part of my afternoon following the cat around the backyard in an attempt to coax it to come to me. Ah, I put the dogs in the house! Mmm, finally a cat for me!

Sometime in the afternoon, my youngest called from the school room, because the dogs had THE cat cornered under the old washing machine. I’m going to get my cat! I bend down with dogs breathing down my neck, and see not one, but TWO little cats! One ran off and climbed the wall never to be seen again. The other stayed huddled way up under the washer. I got a little bowl of milk and some dog food. I pushed them way up under to where it was and then blocked off all entrances from dog paws and left the little kitty alone.
Sometime around dusk, six-ish, I heard the dogs pawing at the washer and barking. Seems they figured out how to move the bricks I’d placed around the bottom of the washer and were on the prowl. The poor cat leapt out from her hiding place and made a wild dash for the backyard. Girl and Blackie, my dogs, surrounded the little thing. Girl tried to grab it in her mouth and the cat was hissing up a storm. The boys came running as I hollered at the dogs to get back. I reached into the melee and grabbed up the kitty. It seemed okay with my rescue, did not bite or scratch, but continued to hiss for about one minute. Then, it promptly went limp. I wasn't sure what to do. I carried it to my bathroom and placed it in the sink. I think somewhere in the depths of my mind I was thinking if I was going to keep it, I’d definitely need to give it a bath. The cat started going stiff and coughing weakly. I realized the little thing was dying. I tried to pat it on the back gently and rubbed it some, but the cat didn’t come back. It seems the life was just knocked or squeezed out of her.

My oldest dug a hole out in the brush in front of our house. By now it was almost dark and we worked quickly. We buried the little thing and I reminded it that it could have had a home and been mine. Coming back to the house, one of the boys said that Girl dog had been scratched by the feline fiend and was bleeding. I brought her to the front yard and hosed off her head where she was hurt. Now it was about 6:30 pm.

I'd had a good 30 minute walk earlier in the afternoon. I'd chased dogs and cats. I'd had a full day of homeschool and housework. I was about ready to call the day quits, eat supper, and relax when all of a sudden ...

Turn in tomorrow, same time, same blog for part two.

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