Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wild Week - Part Three

.... So did I say that I'd left the house with no supper?  A few hours after Dalton's surgery to insert a pin to hold the bone together in his little finger, the nurse brought him some soup and a piece of bread.  By then it was about 10:00 at night.  He gulped it down.  I sat and watched and regretted not letting my neighbor's husband go out before he left to get me a snack as he had suggested.  Honestly I didn't feel much like eating.  I was nervous to be in a ward with other patients in a strange place to spend the night.

After his soup and a bit of t.v., Dalton went to sleep on his bed.  An orderly told me and another lady who was with a boy who had broken his arm that we could feel free to lay down on the extra beds in the room.  I laid down, but my eyes stayed wide open most of the night.  Around 3 am I remembered that I had some dramamine in my purse and decided that it might help me relax and sleep a little.  It did and I must have slept for about two hours.  Sometime around 5:00 am I heard the orderly rousing the men in the ward across the hall to take baths.  Baths at 5:00 am!  It was quite interesting to hear the hospital come to live.

At about 6:00 am the same orderly came to wake Dalton and the broken arm boy for their baths!  I thought, Oh right, that man is not giving my boy a bath.  Thankfully Dalton and his pal took their own baths with just a little help and instruction from the orderly about not getting their broken parts wet in the process.  And finally the orderly came with some breakfast for Dalton and ME!  It was only a piece of Brazilian bread with butter and a cup of milk with coffee, but it was fine.

Sometime in the morning the same doctor from the night before came by looking bright and chipper (guess, he had a private bed somewhere).  He wanted to take more x-rays and see if the pins in Dalton's hand needed any readjusting before we could go home.  No problem, we thought.

After the second "surgery," we never saw the doctor again.  An hour went by and I asked if the doctor was going to sign Dalton's release papers.  I was told to be patient.  Lunch came and went.  Dalton fell asleep and so did I sitting in my chair.  I went out to ask if Dalton would be released know and the nurse said, Oh, your doctor has left for the day.  You'll have to wait for tomorrow when he comes back.  Okay!  Now I'd had enough of waiting.  I kindly informed the dear lady, we were leaving and soon, so she better find some other doctor to sign us out.

She did, but even then it was 4:00 in the afternoon before we finally got out of that place.  Dalton is doing fine.  The finger is not really hurting.  I have to change the bandages and wrap every two days.  I've done it twice now with no big problems.  We go back in two weeks and hopefully the pins will be removed.  Other than that I was told nothing more.

The End.

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  1. Oh, the joys of having boys!...and of living interior. I know it wasn't fun as you went through the experience but it makes for great talking about later on. Glad the worst is over (I hope!).


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