Saturday, February 25, 2012

Me and My Shadows

All the work of Carnaval Retreat is done.  Two days of shopping, one day of packing and prep at home, one day of early arrival to prep on the island and host 30 early arrivers, four days of actual camp, whew!  We hosted around 150 campers and "os demais" - pastors, workers, etc. 

In the midst of all the frustrations and plain hard work, I allowed myself the joy of some shadows - Idson, Jadiel and Nataly.  Jadiel is my little bud from past retreats.  His grandfather is the island caretaker and his mother frequently works in the kitchen as she did this past weekend.  Jadiel and I enjoyed plenty of quality time together - sometimes a little too much.

He helped me on two afternoons to make cake to sell in the canteen.  Since he was my official partner in business, I took the opportunity to instill lots about work ethics, capitalism, economics and love!

Would you pray for all my little shadows, but especially for my litte shadow and culinary student - Jadiel!  He needs Christ as his Savior as well as all those in his family.

p.s.  Thanks to my friend, Edna, for posting this photo on Facebook!

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  1. I love how you share! I have a few shadows of my own. It is a joy to add your special ones to my prayer list (especially Jadiel). Praying for you and that the joy be so abundant there is no need to find it ... it will just be there! Hugs, Loretta


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