Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food in a Box

"Wow, is this American?"    "Is this how it comes in the States?"  "I thought it came in a little can you put in the microwave."        
 "Where did this come from anyway?"  "How much does it cost in America?"  "We could live on this stuff after we go to the States to live!"  

"May I have some more, please!"

This past week our dear "big city" missionary friend sent us some much needed tea (we were out), 4 boxes of Walmart macaroni and cheese she found at the big city grocery store and a giant bottle of real Hershey's chocolate syrup she found on a recent trip.  Woo hoo!  Hog Heaven!

The chocolate syrup deserved some ice cream to go along with it which we enjoyed one evening.  The mac & cheese went with pork chops and green beans for lunch one day.  
The boys talked and talked about it.  Had it been that long since they'd had some good mac & cheese.  Apparently so!  The cheese we get locally is light colored and more like mozzarella.  Seems Mama's homemade stuff just doesn't compare.

I even overheard my teenaged MK/TCK boys discussing how economical it would be to eat once they are on there own in the States!   Peanut butter and jelly, boxes of macaroni and cheese, and they would be all set for life.  I tried to make few comments and just listen to the crazy conversations.

Move over beans and rice - macaroni and cheese has won out!

I found all this talk of American food so amusing this week.  
I don't cook beans and rice every day like most Brazilians housewives.  
We eat whatever foods I cook and mostly from scratch.  
I'm super glad for the healthy diet we enjoy with lots of fresh fruits and mostly all fresh vegetables.  Guess my big boys ARE starting to think about their futures!

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  1. Love hearing all this! Did not know the tea was gone - those happened to be the last ones on the grocery shelf!


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