Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Few Years Ago

This weekend the church in Joao XXIII is celebrating its anniversary/homecoming weekend.  Doesn't seem like all that long ago in some ways, and very, very far away in others...

I don't remember it being on Mother's Day weekend that year (1998), the first inauguration services and all.  It may have been.  My life was so busy, I may have not even known!  There's cute little Dalton with his thumb in his mouth and juice in his bottle, or maybe iced tea!  Isn't William darling and Byron so skinny!

I was apparently known for always carrying a bag of some sort and always having lots of snacks for the boys to eat and other wonders.  I often pushed the boys in a baby buggy made for two that my Uncle Regene had sent down or rode my bike with Dalton in the baby safety seat and William in a little over the handle bar chair made of metal tubes and plastic strips.  Those were the days.  While the church was being built and lots of boards were here and there, Dalton was always going behind something to do you-know-what in his diaper.

Somehow I lived through those days and am here to tell about them.  Now my problems with diapers and bottles and thumbs seem so small and piddly when compared to the problems I face with teenagers and rising young men.  Happy Mother's Day out there to all of you missionary mothers.  And a happy anniversary weekend to all the folks at the Igreja Batista em Joao XXIII de Fortaleza.  Wish we could have been with you, maybe next year!

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  1. Memories do not compare with the works and wonders of today! They are worth all of the fussing though - and you can quote me, if you want! I know you love those folks you invested so much time and effort in and I know you deeply care about the ones with whom you now minister. May God richly bless you and your family today and always!


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