Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Green Blessing

As I walked along the beach taking photos during the retreat of the various waterfront activities I came upon a group of bushy plants with small purple flowers.  At least ten hummers were buzzing all around.  Several flew right near my head!  I decided to try to capture some photos of the little fellows and just stood still.  This little one came near and landed quietly on a small branch of another type of vegetation.  I moved slowly in to get my picture.  After taking the shot, the little thing looked right at me.  I reached out my hand and gently touched his feathers.  He did not fly off but just moved over a little on the branch.  As I moved my hand back he did fly away.

I often chatter with the hummers on the island and chirp at the green parakeets and whistle with the redheads and sabias.  This was a unique blessing for me during the long weekend with several personal disappointments.  Seems that every new group of people that come to the island assume that little old me knows no Portuguese and little about Brazil.  I have to prove myself all over again... 

It gets some old and tiring.  

Yes, I speak Portuguese.
Yes, I live in Brazil.
No, I don't live on the island.
Yes, my boys were all born in Brazil.
Yes, I've lived here for years.
Yes, I speak English.
No, I don't wear bikinis, ever.

I suppose I shouldn't be frustrated with the little stares and funky looks.  I shouldn't be surprised at all, after all I have lived in Brazil for more than 17 years now.  But I do.  I just want people to sit and talk with me like I was a real person...  

I guess that's why I end up talking to birds.

Thank you, God, for one little green blessing!


  1. What a blessing!!! How sweet of that little guy to let you touch his feathers!

    I believe God sends me birds to comfort me and let me know that I am not alone, esp. at those particular times when I feel like I am. It is nice that once in awhile we get to spend time with someone who is a real at home up-close and comfortable friend, pull up a chair and chat kind of person. You are that for me. It is like a breath of fresh air when I can sit with you and know that we understand each other. I am not afraid that something I do might scare you off!!! Everyone needs a friend like that.

  2. How beautiful and how sweet that he let you touch him, maybe it was a baby. I love birds, too. They've taught me lots of things, little messengers from God.


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