Monday, August 13, 2012

The Purple Shirt

Dalton celebrated his fifteenth birthday this week.  We rented the fifth season of Stargate, ate lunch at McDonald's in Petro one day, went to the skate park, had a fancy chocolate dessert one night and ate chocolate ice cream on another.  And, we did not start school!  He always complains about having to start school near his birthday.  He's a funny fellow.  He loves certain shirts and will wear them to the end of their life expectancy!  Take this old soccer shirt.  You might notice that there are actually two shirts.  The darker purple is the oldest and a size smaller.  He wore it for years and still owns it.  The lighter colored one replaced it and can still be seen on his back from time to time.

It used to bother me to no end thinking he had some phobia about throwing things out.  Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't.  Maybe it's a way of hanging on to things in this crazy life we live of moving here and there and all things MK.  The old purple shirt is safely tucked away in a closed zip-loc bag to keep it for all eternity.  Think I'll send it with him to college - one day.

Gotta love him no matter what he wears!  Happy Birthday, Dalton!


  1. I never really noticed that he wears his purple shirts a lot.Maybe he just likes purple and after all it's a happy time color.Grandma Beckner bought me a purple dress years ago and I wore it till it was thread bare. It was my happy dress. Love my boy!

  2. I think this boy is the greatest and love him till he turns purple!!! Ha ha!!! Happiest Birthday to my favoritism 15 year old in the whole wide world and beyond!!!!


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