Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: The Book of Man

When the mailman on his motorcycle delivered the box  with this book, I had forgotten which book I had ordered from Booksneeze!  Sometimes the mail is just that slow from the USA to the middle of nowhere Brazil.  After opening the box and seeing the size of this book, I thought - Eeeek, how will I ever read the whole thing!  It's big!  But it's not just big - it's full!  It's full of great reading material for any young fellow on his way to becoming a man.

I sat down that very afternoon and starting reading The Book of Man right away.  No, I have yet to finish it, but I have read enough to say that I like what I've seen and I plan to buy two more copies to have one for each of my three sons.  I am even considering using this book in our homeschool work this next year for literature.

It would seem that William Bennett truly researched and searched for great literature to go along with the themes he felt necessary for a young man to know and consider.  The message of each section is uplifting and positive and a definite for raising up boys in today's world.

Great book!

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