Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Red Jug

I had a little red jug I needed to fill
So over the aft I lowered the canteen.
Down it went hanging on a cable,
Dangling, swinging, bobbing in the wind.

I dunked the jug into the cool, clear water,
Only to find the mouth of my pot all askew.
The op'ning high, the water lower,
So I gave a good jerk trying anew.

I figured if only a little would go in,
The beaker would go under and all would be well.
Up and down I made that little jug swing,
When all of a sudden it flew and it fell!

Oh dear, oh my, what to do now.
I thought as my treasure bobbled up and down.
I ripped off some clothing and grabbed a life jacket
And over the bow I dove in a after it!

I swam and I swam to no avail
As the wind carried my hope like a flung sail.
Finally I turned back bellowing like a hurt whale.
Back to the boat with much travail.

I cried and cried and figured it gone,
But alas as we moved later on,
The fugitive was spotted on a sand bar.
We rescued that jug and let up a happy hollar!

The moral of the story is rather plain to see,
Never count your jug lost, it may be still found.
And never cry over spilt bottles,
They might just make a happy rebound.

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  1. Glad to know that the red jug is still around.


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