Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Power of Prayer

The shared prayers of mothers for their children, wives for their husbands,
women for their world - powerful!

This past Saturday I was privileged to attend a valley-wide women's meeting in the next town with five other ladies from our church work.  Part of the time during these biannual gatherings is spent in small group prayer. Sharing requests with these two dear ladies that I only see from time to time was emotional and empowering.  I firmly believe that women need such meetings for personal growth and encouragement.

Another part of these regular encounters that always means so much to me is the group hugging session! Yeah!  A particular chorus is sung during which everyone is to "get up and shake hands."  This translated into Brazilian Portuguese means walk all around and hug and kiss everyone you possibly can before the music stops.  I love it and always enjoy seeing women I've seen before at other meetings and from retreats  out at our island camp.

Seems Christian mothers from all walks of life, all types of homes and all ranges of the economic scale share the same prayer requests for their families.  As I told of my personal prayer needs with these two ladies and they told theirs, each request was mostly the same:  seeing children grow up and follow the Lord, spiritual strength for husbands, personal stamina and health for the daily battles at hand.

Special thanks to my missionary colleague, Renate R., for the lovely photo!

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