Friday, January 4, 2013

Deep Influence

Just a few days ago our little congregation had a big meeting.  It was a business session to decide how to go about spreading the influence of our group in 2013.  Much of what was said included ideas that I had been mulling over since reading the book Going Deep by Gordon MacDonald.  It's the latest book I received from the people at BookSneeze.

The book is written in a fictional story format but for me held so much good practical information on how to go about extending the reach of any church group.  The fictional pastor of the book leaves his normal job description to begin working in a more personal and effectual manner with a select group of church members.  I was not only inspired by this book but given the ideas I felt I needed to look into the future of our own work here in Brazil.

In 2013 I plan to concentrate more on the individuals in our congregation through mentoring and discipleship. Plans are already under way to change the workup of our Sunday School program and to introduce more persons into teacher training.  Plans are also in the works for a change in our nursery concept moving towards more of a children's church hour.  I hope to use this time to actually train young ladies as they help each week to be the teachers of the future.

I enjoyed the book and found it easy reading - Easy reading of deep concepts!  Thank you, BookSneeze, for another great book!

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