Friday, March 8, 2013

MK Growing Up

Seems my life is changing every moment with the growth of my boys.  Just a few years ago I wondered how I would get all the cloth diapers washed each day.  Now I wonder where my boys are and where they are going.  All my priorities seem to have been thrown into a salad bowl and gently tossed - with seasoning!

Thank goodness years ago as I washed all those diapers, I prayed over each one.  I prayed as I as washed, as I hung them out to dry and as I carefully folded each one, and as I pinned them on sweet little rear ends.  I prayed as they were little that God would use each one in His service and specifically on a foreign field.  This year I'm beginning to see the fruit of all that prayer time over all those diapers.  {By the way, each of my boys was nursed to about two years of age and cloth diapered.  Often wearing nothing but in the warm days of Brazil.}

Warrior William
Our oldest boy made the decision after the missions emphasis of the Carnaval retreat on the island to join up with a group from our area going to minister in Mozambique for two weeks this summer.  It's an exciting time to see him reaching out for what God would have of him and of his life.  It's also oddly bittersweet as I deal with my own emotions of "can I let him go," "what if he wants to go there forever," and like passing thoughts.

January 2013
So now I'm praying over levi jeans and wrangler dress pants and dickies work shorts... and wondering where my boy will go next!  If Byron "William" Atha, III does decide to go into full time Christian service he will be a third generation missionary.  Fittingly he was named for his grandfather, Byron William Atha, who served in the state of Para, Brazil in the 1980's and for his father, Byron William Atha, II, who is serving still today {with me!} here in Sobradinho, Bahia, Brazil.

If you'd like more info about William's Mozambique project, leave a comment and I'll send you the pdf file we sent out to a few churches with his testimony and info about the trip.

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