Monday, April 8, 2013

Traveling Shoes On

Did some big time traveling this weekend.  Byron and William and I went with another couple and two ladies to another Brazilian state for the wedding of the daughter of missionary colleagues.  Even though the trip was long and hurried with the car full of passengers, we all had a grand time and were happy to be a part of the festivities.

As a foreigner in a strange land far from home and family, participation in major life celebrations is often sacrificed for the greater good.  Sometimes it's just too far to go to a loved one's wedding or birthday party, especially if that person is in the States and we are in Brazil.  For me it was a special gift to be able to attend the wedding of this young lady whom I've seen grow up over our years here.

Yes, missionaries seem like people that are always traveling and always on the go, but most times we don't get to go to all the things we would like when it comes to family.  This time I didn't have to sacrifice - I got to go.  I'm very grateful for the memory making opportunity...

Ah, I was especially blessed to have a new outfit and new shoes to wear.  Incredibly we got to the wedding five minutes before it was supposed to start!  I thought I would hardly have time to change into my fancy clothes.  Everything worked out just fine and we managed to get to the church on time with the right shoes on!

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