Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love at First Sight

Springs of Life, 1994

I first met Byron Atha in the summer of 1982. I was working at the Springs of Life Camp that summer as a nanny for the new camp director's two little boys. Byron was just in from Brazil and on his way to Piedmont Bible College in the fall.  He was the BMOC (big man of the camp) for the two weeks he was there that summer.
Mom and Dad's Famous Memorial Day picnic, 1994

When I made it to college in 1983 wouldn't you know I met up with Mr. Atha again. He sat beside me in chapel where the seating was assigned and alphabetical! Atha, Beckner.... He didn't seem to remember me from camp the year before, but I remembered him and thought he was sort of cute. By the end of my freshmen year we were dating and the rest is history.
Ohio, Deputation, 1993
Happy Anniversary to my Love at first Sight... May 30, 1987 - May 30, 2013

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