Thursday, May 16, 2013

What about MK Grandma's?

Well, meet one!
Brazil, 2007
Many know her as Mrs. B but only 6 boys can call her Grandma. All six live far away from her little house on a country road in Virginia with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But Grandma and Grandaddy do their best to keep up with all of their boys no matter where they travel or how far they are from "home."

Read on to learn more about Grandma B, TCK's and long distance grandparenting...

"When a child is born, so are grandmothers." Judith Levy

What is a  TCK?

David Pollack and several other authors began using this abbreviation to describe children who were living outside of their parents home culture. All of Mrs. B's three grandsons by her daughter were born and mostly raised in Brazil. Her other three grandbabies also have lived outside of the States for several years.

In the photo below my boys are soaking their feet. We had to do this often when they were little to get out hookworms. Only one boy on the day of the picture had a hookworm, but everybody wanted to put their feet in water!

Fortaleza, 2004

Terms to Know:

MK - missionary kid
PK - preacher's kid
TCK - third culture kid
POM - parent of missionary

Why is my Mom so special?

She did it! She got a passport. She came to Brazil. She creatively began raising money to support her trips. She brought my Daddy everytime (or he brought her). She learned what each boy liked and was all about. She prays, prays, prays for each of us daily. She spreads the word about us and about missions. She and Daddy have supported our projects and our lifestyle. She's done it all and she keeps on doing!
Petrolina Airport, 2007

More info about TCK's:

TCKs can usually speak more than one language.
In group settings TCKs drift towards other TCKs even from other cultures and countries.
For some all the traveling and moving is fun and exciting, but for many it is rough and difficult to adjust from culture to culture especially to life in their "home" country.

Grandparents can make all the difference in the world for MK's.  Knowing that somewhere there is a place where I can always go no matter what and walk right in the door is a good thing.  Knowing that somewhere is a person related to me by blood that loves me is a good thing.  I'm glad for a great Grandma and Granddaddy that love and pray for all their TCK/MK boys.  They've made the effort to be a part of their lives and keep on ready for whatever the future holds.  They've taken the time to come to Brazil numerous times over the past 18 years just to make sure those grandkids know who they are!

Thanks Mom!  Thanks Dad!

Happy Mother's Day, 2013

Psalm 92:14

They will still yield fruit in old age;
They shall be full of sap and very green...

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