Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Furlough Frenzy

And so it begins... the packing and planning 

the wondering and worrying... like "Who's going to take care of my old dog while I'm gone?"

"Who's going to stay in our house?" 

Kid's Camp 2012

The reliving of important moments - the good and the bad - of the past four years of this term of service as we get ready to give report in the States to our churches.  While packing up stuff for storage, we have to pack up little pieces of ourselves and put them aside for a bit.  We have to get out the American clothes and brush off the dust and look for moth holes and get set to put on our USA culture again.

It's a rough time, emotionally draining.  Add to it all the stress of normal life in a third world country, raising teen age boys, and figuring out who's going to do what in our absence.  It's a combo made for frenzied minds.

How do missionaries stay calm all the time and devoted?  First of all, they don't always, just like you.  Secondly, they pray for more strength, just like you.

Praying for strength over the next three months as we get ready for a furlough.  This weekend we travel to sign up for new US passports for the boys.  Argh, will they arrive in time in this crazy country?  Who knows!   GOD DOES!  And somehow we have to leave it all to HIM.

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you.


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  1. We're getting ready.I'll make sure you have some Calgon. I better get two boxes.Love you,Mom


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