Saturday, January 18, 2014

MK Decisions: Go or Stay?

Since we have come home on furlough, many people have been asking me about our oldest's plans for college.  That's one of the questions that is natural to hear... but hard to answer.  You see, I am of the opinion that my boys don't have to leave Brazil at some magic age.

All three of our boys were born and raised in Brazil.  All three speak better Portuguese than I ever will.  And even though they have been reared up in a mixed culture family with English and Portuguese, American food and norms, they are their own person.  Why do we assume MK's have to go away?

William is considering college in Brazil.  He has not made definite plans yet, but his return ticket to Brazil is already bought and paid for.  After his high school graduation in May, I know that he will have many decisions - I plan to trust in the good things that William has been taught and God's leading in his life.  William - go or stay!  There is no magic time that MK's have to go away from their growing up country.  May the Lord lead you to make wise decisions.  And may I say that I would be more than delighted to have you serving with us or near us in Brazil. 

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  1. I left this comment on FB, but I'll leave it here as well. Outstanding article. If we are called to minister to Brazilians, we have to understand that our kids will become at least partly Brazilian. We make a terrible mistake if we try to take that away from them.


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