Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This past week I asked one of our neighbors in Brazil to go by our house and take some snapshots of our two dogs, Girl and Tiny.  He did.  Said they were so happy and wiggly that it was hard to get photos of the duo.  They both look sad to me with their ears slightly down. 

How much do dogs think?  Do they wonder where I am?  Oh, my poor babies!  I miss you as much as you {might} miss me?  Ah, and there's where the Saudade word comes in.  "Saudades" in Portuguese means all those sad feelings a person has of missing someone or even someplace, that longing.  I have great "saudades" for my babies. 

We have been in the States now since just before Christmas of 2013, almost 7 months now.  I miss the little barks of my girls, they nuzzling to get attention.  I miss Girl dog patting me with her paw for a pet and Tiny's coming to my whistles!

Hold on, Girls!  I might be back soon.  I'll send the neighbor again to check on you and take some special treats soon enough.  I'll send a note to that boy that's supposed to be staying with you each night and patting your little heads occasionally and see if he's really doing his job.  Ah, if dogs could talk and tell us these things.

Stand tall, Missionary Dogs!  Furlough ends soon.

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