Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby Blankets and City Parks and Missions

So how do the three go together?

I've been praying for a park since we got here to the States.  It's a park near the mission house where we are staying while here on furlough.  There aren't the public squares where people gather like there are in Brazil.  But quite a few young people gather in the park every afternoon.  One of our boys likes to go down there every day to play basketball and hang out. 

I've also been praying for a small ministry to do while being at home most days with one of my boys doing his school work at home this semester.  One of the ladies in the missionary circle at the church here had an idea to make baby blankets for a local women's shelter.  The lady had been the owner of a cloth store and had a lot of fabric at home.  She gave me a bolt of calico and I started sewing.

The two ended up going together when some of the folks of the church began to consider how to reach out here in Reidsville like the missions team did this summer in New York City - Bible stories in local parks, praying with people in the park, and just reaching out to the local community.  This, too, had been impressed on my heart after William, our oldest, came back from the missions trip.

All three prayers came together with the Community Cares 2012 project of Community Baptist Church this Saturday.  People of the church gathered at the local park to distribute baby items to needy families.  The youth helped with Bible stories and games for children.  The praise team played and sang for hours.  Others helped grill hot dogs, pass out lunch and give away lemonade. Many prayed with anyone that had a request.  It was an incredible event.

This video was shared by the pastor of the church on Sunday morning...

I'm so thankful to have been able to participate. I will keep praying for the people that pass through Jaycee Park every day and hope that now a few know that there are people that care at Community Baptist Church.

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  1. How wonderful that you got to be part of this event, Michele. We are Jesus to many people who may never come to church.


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